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    HESPro offers building professionals state-of-the-art insights to improve home energy efficiency by:

    • Outlining typical energy use and savings in the home’s region
    • Identifying new opportunities to improve efficiency for specific homes
    • Prioritizing improvement strategies based on cost-effectiveness
    • Providing printable, easy to understand results that you can share with your clients.


This is DOE’s online Energy Analysis Tool for Auditors. It was showcased at the ASHI Conference and will soon be enhanced and rolled out as the national standard (per DOE).

It provides a cost benefit analysis and return on investment calculations, which will go nicely with energy templates provided by software vendors. The numbers are very accurate! Great tool…and it’s free!!


Thanks Kevin, Good to see you made it back from the conference safely. I’ll have to check this out when I get back later today. My BPI Building Analyst training was rescheduled due to lack of participants. I’m rescheduled for March. That gives me time to work on my new website, watch the video(20 times):smiley: you recommended and build relationships with weatherization contractors. I have 2 that are interested so far. Slowly but surely this is picking up speed.

The software is still in development, but it’s pretty good so far.


Good stuff, thanks. :slight_smile:

Great program to help clients11
Matt Miller

Thanks!!! Awesome help!

Be careful of what you buy, some of this may be mandated when the Home Star program gets started.

[FONT=Georgia][size=3]For Comprehensive Measure Installation jobs, BPI Accredited companies must document and keep on
file the evaluation of the existing condition of the building and furnish the building owner with a copy of
such documentation. This can be in a contract form or in an output report from a software program
such as TREAT, HOMECHECK, or REM/Rate.