Hey all!

Just introducing myself,

My name is Troy, and I’m kinda new to the site. I’ve been lurking around here for quite sometime, just haven’t really posted.

Hoping to start posting more often, and maybe even buy a membership!

You better hurry, the price of membership is going up. Welcome.

Hey Doug,

And thanks for the heads up.

Too late. Price of admission went up on Friday 2/11/2011. Still worth every penny, and then some.

Better join asap, as another increase is already in the works. Trust me, you will be kicking yourself if you miss the next one.

“HEY!” right back at ya!!


Welcome Troy! You will find a wealth of knowledge in NACHI and these forums.
The fee to join is going up majorly, I suggest joining ASAP.

You can fill out your location in your profile.