Hey Bill Gates: One milliliter of ocean water has 10 million different viruses

Just a tiny amount of water taken from the ocean’s surface, can have up to 10 million viruses, the majority of which are still unidentifiable.

Vaccines will never be as good as your immune system.

Reference not meme:

And irrelevant, as only a tiny fraction of marine viruses have any targets within a human. Of course the human immune system is “better” than a vaccine, since a vaccine uses the human immune system. A vaccine just triggers a fake (or real) infection, to teach the immune system something it did not know.

No human’s immune system is trained against one nonillion virus types. And just like school, it takes a while to learn.

Our bodies have been fighting viruses for over 600,000 years with our built-in and evolved immune system. Nothing has changed.

Today is the first day of school for children in my area. The children are not required to wear masks :slightly_smiling_face:


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Funny how those that received the vaccine, and boosters, have been sick with Covid multiple times! And some of them hit very hard.
Yet, ALL the people that I personally know who never received the jab, (myself and family included) have been sick ONCE, and that was it. Natural immunity is and will always be best.
I did get sick about a month ago, and thought it may be covid, but literally had chills for about 2 hours, a fever for about 6 hours, and a sore throat for about 36 hours, and that was it.

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When I was a kid we ate dirt, mostly indirectly. That’s how kids in the late 50’s and early 60’s built our immune system.:older_man:t2:

Yes, something significant has changed. Families used to have 10 children, used to expect to loose several children as infants, and have others crippled by what are now preventable diseases.

Something else has changed. North America’s first peoples were separated for long enough from Europe’s peoples, that they developed separate immunity. When Europeans came to America they brought viruses, and took home viruses (the North Americans got it worse).

Something else changed: regular air travel.

Something else changed: and it had a lot to do with vaccination, in partnership with drugs, diagnostics and therapy. George Washington had a role also

Now there are those that trust fully in a God, and foreswear all modern medical treatment. But even comparing those death rates would hide the vaccine effect: their kids are exposed to far less of all the vaccine influenced pathogens, due to the actions of others in their communities.

Everyone I know who has been “vaccinated” has been sick 3-4 times with severe symptoms. I was sick a year ago for 4 days. It was like a mild flu and that was all. The worst side effect was loss of smell and taste for a few weeks. That sucked.

Natural immunity is much stronger than the “vaccine “. Been healthy ever since.

Natural immunity worked for our ancestors. It got us this far. The socialist will have us believe we must be dependent on a jab every 6 months. Hasn’t work at all for Biden in the last couple of weeks. Poor bastard is still sick.

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I got vaccinated at my 88 year old mother’s request so I could visit her. Sorry, but I won’t lie to my mother a say I did it and not do it. Never got sick from it or afterwards, Haven’t had a cold, flu or any symptoms related to such for almost 2 years. Everyone is different though.


Because our government and CDC lost credibility during the “Covid Propaganda Campaign” people are now relying on anecdotal evidence to make their decisions. CDC is still beating the same drum but no one is listening.

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The paper test measures the level of neutralizing antibodies in a blood sample and could help people decide what protections they should take against infection.

Cumulative covid-19 deaths per million people. The words “We’re #1” come to mind:

It doesn’t look quite as dramatic if you turn on different countries.


Lefties manipulating data. Who knew?

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If you look closely at the CDC’s guidelines for cause of death, you will see a very broad application of the term COVID death such as; patient from a high infected area, symptoms, contact tracing etc. A positive COVID test was never needed to classify it as a COVID death. Too many people were rewarded for reported COVID as COD in the USA. (including funeral expenses up to $9,000)

Furthermore, we only look at deaths as the marker for COVID response success. We do not take into account the age of the population, the overall health of the population (obesity was not a COVID response goal). Obesity in the US and age in Italy for example.

Finally, Australia, Japan and Finland are all islands.

The data comes out the same, when looked at that by that lens, and when looked at by subsampling with better data where available.

The excess death data, which is emphatically not affected by the reporting biases above, shows the same conclusion.

Trotting out the old “they get paid to call it a covid death” line again and again without dealing with the full evidence set is dishonest.

The vast majority – not all but almost all – the researchers, doctors and public health specialists are and did just do their job as best they can, collected data, and reported it by the available mechanisms. There was no reason for them widely to be in on any sort of gaming of the system. Taking any data you don’t like an dismissing it as gamed is a dangerous game, as you can prove anything to want that way.

Not that the CDC ever did a good job of communication. And not that the CDC did not let politics intrude on the science, right from the start. See:

I’m concerned that the CDC now wants to “simplify” communication more. That was half the problem in this pandemic: simplified communication that presented a somewhat rocky picture in absolutist terminology that might have been only 2% bullshit, but smelled like 50% bullshit.

Yep, they want to dumb it down further. I am also curious if they are going to own up to suppressing information that they thought might hinder their messaging?