Hey Bob Elliott

Thought you’d enjoy this. Pretty easy to do. Hover your mouse over the pic.

Check here on how to install it and here for some demos.

I will check it out.

Love gadgets.

Will the real Bob Elliott please stand up?:wink:

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Uh oh. Someone rebooted Bob!

The technology has taken over! :shock:

I am a new member and was wondering if anyone here can tell me if there is a good report software ?

Contact Condo Bob in Chicago for details.:wink:

No matter what ever he tells you, DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT, SHOW THIS BOB GUY HOW TO CREATE A POLL.

Look I do not know you Mr Kelly ,but I am new here and will answer only serious helpful types such as my new friend Linus.
Thanks Linus I will look up this Condo Bob guy that you seem to respect and admire so much.

Welcome aboard Bob.

Do us and yourself a favor and edit your profile to include your location information in your posts.

rotflmao :d:d:d

I do not have any one place I hang my hat as of yet and have many after me that may cause a problem if they had my information.
I was involved in certain Real Estate transactions and ignored the good advice of my NACHI Inspector.

LOL - It must suck to be slow…

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

It must suck worse to have the Brian and Doles:mrgreen::mrgreen: Does that mean you get more than one government check?

Treat the newbies nice Brian and not in your usual jerky manner.:roll:

I may need to rethink all of this as the ASHI guy seemed very nice .
He said if I carry his tools for a year I can be a member.


Wonder if he owns a monkey???


He does own a monkey. He doesn’t use it much but he sure likes to spank it!:mrgreen:

Get your head out of your ***! He’s not a newbie, moron. And your an inspector…?? Zoinks! :stuck_out_tongue:

You know Brian.

Your dumber than I could have possibly have imagined.

Maybe Kenn Lott can explain it to you.:roll:

Thank You as I did a few the other day.
My mentor said the pre-printed checklist and copy of how to draw Home Systems illustrations was a good buy.

I was just making stick figures before that as I really do not care for this digital stuff everyone keeps referring to.