Hey "Buy Your Home Back" Guarantee participants. I'm shipping you all marketing....

I’m shipping you all marketing pieces next week that will help land you more inspection jobs. You’ll have the shipments by next weekend.

Oh no what are you doing I am killing this old body trying to keep up with what I am getting now:mrgreen::shock::wink:

The Buy Back Guarantee has helped me land more inspections. Totally worth the cost.

Ain’t no doubt!

Thanks NIck

The buy back guarantee has helped set me apart from the other inspectors in my market. Thanks for another great program

Thanks Nick!

Never received anything. Did this stuff ever get shipped?


Nick, have you had to buy-back one yet?

No, likely never will.

Yes, but it got shipped under a bulk mailing contract InterNACHI has through UPS Mail Innovations. It’s a totally crazy system where UPS hires the USPS to handle it for them. It’s very inexpensive, but slower. You should have yours Friday.

Thanks, Nick.


Got it yesterday,thanks again.

Received and appreciated!
Thanks Nick!

I got it and they look great. I especially like the place for our cards to be attached. or to write:

Do Not Remove Office Copy :slight_smile:

Got mine yesterday, great looking cards! Thanks Nick!

If you guys need more of these and will honestly use them, email me at fastreply@nachi.org Put “Free Buy Back rackcards” in the subject line. Include your name and shipping address in the email.

I’ll buy them for you and pay the shipping too. Participants in the Buy Back program only please.

They cost us money to print, package, and ship. This is on the honor system… only accept this free offer if you are going to use them.

I’ve decided to join the buyback program, going to email you about the cards.

got mine Thanks

Got the cards Nick. They look great! This program is my best closer statement. WHoever had the idea is pretty darn smart.