Hey check out my good news!!!! :)


Great…now go get some articles posted there!:slight_smile:

**There are currently no articles in the section??? **

No, they JUST accepted me!!! Very cool eh?

Very nice !!!


Awesome-great job! I expect great things from you, girl. with help from all our fellow Nachi inspectors, of course.

That’s great…good luck

Good going - there’s already scads of articles written by NACHI members that I’m sure you can glean from, as “contributing” writers!

Yeah, I want to do my own articles, but also gleaning like you said. Also, whichever ones can be freely distributed I would like to use as well.


Check out my bday present to see how on you were!

very nice

Way to go Wendy!


Wendy -

What’s the circulation of this publication?

This is not neccesarily a good thing for NACHI. It depends on how informed the writer is and how well the article is written. If it is missing information, has incorrect information or is poorly written, it can hurt our business. Those of you who are cheerleaders may not be aware of the lack of experience and technical knowledge involved here. It’s great to be supportive and all, but that should only go as far as the persons own business. I see this as a possible detriment to NACHI, giving people who may want to slam NACHI more ammunition if the article is poor. Please take that into consideration. I don’t intend this to be a personal slam, I just don’t want my organization’s name on something that is not well written.

Perhaps you should consider assisting Ms. Forsythe then. Turn the negativity into a positive.

I can forsee this being beneficial to NACHI Members in Washington.

Wendy, I’d be happy to submit articles or suggestions. Go NACHI…

While I could care less what Wendy does in Washington, it does bring up a good point. Is there no instruction on how one can “tout” Nachi in public writing. After all, they are representing the entire org.

A member represents the entire organization to everyone he does business with, when he identifies his membership.

When a NACHI member offers to repair an item he notes as a defect in his report, he is representing you.

When a NACHI member pays a real estate agent $300 to get his name on a list of “preferred providers”, he is representing you.

What more harm could come from an article from Wendy “touting” NACHI than Barry Stone bashing NACHI?

Typically, print will travel easier than the other things you mentioned. I.E Barry Stone article

Jim, my point is anything put out in the public domain that has NACHI’s name attached to it can be used as ammunition for the NACHI bashers like Barry Stone. While a member breaking a COE rule is bad for all of us, it is not something out in the public domain usually.
John, I would be glad to assist Wendy, but I don’t think she’d be willing to collaborate on anything that would reduce her self aggrandizement. Certainly if she would like some editing help I would be happy to do that via email. I think when a member has an opportunity to tout NACHI, full advantage should be taken, but let’s make sure it’s done well.

Congrats Wendy!!