Hey Dan Harris and Dom D'Agostino... you are correct and I fully agree with you.


Sounds more like the National Socialists (i.e. NAZIs). Read more history.

In any case, the analogy is faulty.

Look. Any ethics enforcment group has a tough job. They have to recieve, review and adjudicate complaints. Most of these complaints are made as a result of rotten egg jelousy from other members who think they can get a leg up on the other guy, or are just feelin inadaquate because their work is falling off (either because of the market or because they are not getting business because they are not that good).

I have had, according to Joe F. “A whole lotta” ethics complaints “filed” against me. All investigated and dismissed. Most came from a former “highly placed” local NACHI member who got p_ssed off at me (and still won’t talk to me and explain why, which means that he is NOT interested in solving the problem, therefore is not to be taken seriously). But, even though I have his slanderous and stupid e-mails (provided to me by a fellow local member, not anyone on the ESOP (they shouldn’t do that, unethical)) and can prove this jerks vendetta, I will not name him nor post these e-mails. Why? Because the ESOP saw it for what it was and shut him down. I will not name him because it will serve no useful, or good, purpose. Let sleeping dogs lie (and lie).

Differences are best handles in private and not on this board.

The adult steps to take are:

  1. Talk (phone or in person) to the other guy and try to solve it. Most times, it’s just a simple misunderstanding.
  2. Talk to the guy with 2 or 3 un-biased witnesses.
  3. Only as a last resort, take the situation to the “Elders” (in this case, the ESOP) and let them decide.

When people waht to skip, right away, to #3, there is something wrong and they have an agenda.

When they want to make every little dispute public, they are not being adult, but just acting like spoiled brats.

And the best way to deal with spoiled brats is to give them a wack on their butt and ignore the tantrum.

This teaches them to behave like an adult.

Ethics boards have a responsibility to do their work confidentially, freely, speedily and fairly. That is the only way in which the stigma of innuendo and speculation can be avoided. Therefore, the discussion and determination have to be made privately. To publicize the mere alligation, publically, merely serves to “try the case in the arena of public opinon” rather than judiciously.

Look, it is no secret that I have differences with some members of the ESOP. I strongly disagree with some members who seem to post as if they have some “special power” or “authority” that they do not, or who post in “yelling fonts”. This is not good or seemly for those who were put in positions of responsibility.

But, I trust and respect the job that they have been assigned. I don’t have to like them, but I do trust them to be fair. Thankless job with only grief. Sometimes they fly off the handle, but, Danny, you do so as well, and with much less class than they do.

If you can come up with a fairer system, do so.



Yea, I should have known that from posts claiming bushy, crayola, nick and JF were nazi’s:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Been over 40 yrs ago, guess I just got the class confused.:slight_smile:



Yes, you did. But you are man enough to admit it.

There may be hope for you yet, Mr. Harris. :wink:


I am new to this issue

What national Hi org has higher requirments that InerNachi??

Oh and by the way who says that one standard is higher that another??


What is wrong with a national HI org that has no requriments??

If you want the services of the org then you join – If not don’t

And this could be a local thing – New York is not Ohio

**Dan **

Be logical – what are your thoughts?

InterNACHI members help members – InterNACHI helps members this is a membership service


I Don’t ever recall stating one org is better than another for different “membership” requirements.
All I recall is stating that to qualifiy for an inspector to be marketed to the public as a "certified " inspector should take more than taking an online quiz and promising to do additional requirments latter.

There are ten’s of thousands of HI’s that are not ,and never have been a member of any HI org. Those inspectors may or may not be qualified, may or may not completed any HI training, or CE.
I find it a little odd that never is there any bashing of them by your the owner, or members of your club, just inspectors of competing orgs.

Never stated or thought nachi did not help inspectors, reading many posts by certified inspectors from nachi, information shared here by many new “certified” inspectors, I and many others have questioned how they are qualified to call them selves, and be marketed to the public as
“certified” inspectors.

Helping inspectors is a great thing, “certifing” those inspectors by paying an individual $s for that help is something different.

Dan, I know you want to control the definition of “certified” but you just don’t have ability to pull it off.

Instead you come here and whine incessantly while your favorite org dies the death of a thousand cuts.

You are an angry small man seeking respect and significance.

You won’t find it here.


No need for me to control any definition.
The states seem to be doing pretty well with out any of my help:twisted:


dharris. A desperate member of a desperate org.

Believe what a dictator tells you, and repeat that info , with out doing any research on your own to find out if that is fact or fiction.
What chapter from the nazi guide book is that from??

NACHI = Nazi Association of Certified Home Inspectors!


Your post is pretty funny.

Problem with your sarcasm and fun-poking at Gromicko is that he didnt invent any of it. Same game has been played by everyone else way before NACHI hit the scene. We overlook all of it.

At least NACHI has tried to evolve in ways to “help” other inspectors. Nick may be a scumbag, but at least he puts something back into his org. Cant say as much for the other “superior” orgs out there. They have fed us so much bull**** for so long that we actually believe it. All ASHI has done is squander the funding. But back to the great Nickifor Gromicko.

Do you actually BELIEVE that old Nick was responsible for half of what you claim? Dont give him that much credit.

He has a small staff, is involved in everything, and still manages to answer his e-mail. Try that with our beloved ASHI. Even die-hard ASHI loyalists see the problems but cant force a change. So, why bother?

I may think NACHI stinks, but it stinks less than all the others. NACHI aint perfect, but at least they recognize it and are agile enough to make changes on the fly. We get pissed because NACHI seems to have it together, and we cant get out of our own way.

Either time for a revolution or time to cut-bait. I say the time to evolve has passed us by unfortunately. Cant cut bait anymore. Starting something new just takes way to long.

Maybe I’ll bite my nose to spite my face and join. Hell, I spend more on a good moisture probe than what it take to join up. And think of all the entertainment. ASHI will survive, just without my money. Maybe they’ll get the message someday. Maybe they wont. I dont care.

For all their empty promises, including branding (waste of my money) and licensing (what a joke), ASHI has left me with some bad feelings. For me its like SSDD. Want no part of them anymore.

Good meds eh? Its amazing what a few pills can do to an under active bored mind. Stop taking the meds which are influencing clear logical thought and freedom to think logically.

Arguments over folks. The "NAZI "card has been played.

Jack, John, and Dan, the three stooges, can now slither back under their respective rocks.

Another Nazi has spoken. Ya volt mein frueher.

Johnny, who are you hiding from. Why the false name? Scared?!

Scared of what, a bunch of people running around claiming to be home inspectors?

And what exactly do you claim to be?

Well taking a look at your website I would say that you appear ill equipped to be a home inspector, let alone claiming you are one!

You concern yourself too much with other peoples business.

Not that it matters, but I’m in the process of building a better website.
Never have been happy with the one I have now even though it does bring me business.

Post your’s so we can give you a critique.
That is if you even have one of course.

Your not one of them agent lackies are you?


I am an Illinois Licensed home inspector (450.0002240) and have written courses (state licensed CE) that are approved in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Tennesee and Texas.

I have completed over 500 fee paid home inspections and over 320 “consultations”. My clients include 5 builders who use me to do phased inspections on all their properties. I have also done many Energy audits.

Obviously, all these people think I am a home inspector, and a good one.

Who the heck are you to say different?

I have also passed the NHIE and various other certifications, including thermographer courses.

I have taught pre-licensing courses in both Illinois and Indiana (and not through “inspector owned” pre-licensing schools but through accredited colleges (including Purdue University).

I have taken about 42 newly licenced inspectors on ride alongs (at no charge, unlike some of the members of other associations in this area).

I claim to be a home inspector. With all these different groups, colleges and states backing up my claim, who the heck are you?

Besides, you are not even transparent enough to use your real name.

“Don’t talk to that man. You don’t know where he’s been.” :mrgreen:

Case closed.