Hey Dan Harris, when you gonna join NACHI?

How long are you going to hold out? :smiley:

Huuuh… on the other topic you wrongly accused me of being unethical and now you want to know when I going to join your org…
Sounding pretty desperate…now you want people that you claim to be unethical to join your org…
Sorry I won’t stoop that low and I know you just confirmend that you will take anybody for the almighty $] I don’t want to be associated and have my name listed with the type people that you think should join your org.

:smiley: I have a friend like you. He was still playing his 8 track tapes until 1999, but even he gave it up come the turn of the century.

What’s the matter Dan? You worried that you might get what you paid for? :stuck_out_tongue: