Hey Dave Fetty!

Thanks for the trail mix. Just got it today. The wife opened it up and said “what the heck is this?”
Thanks again!

You’re welcome Frank. :lol: It cracks me up USPS ships faster from here to CA than it does from here to Fort Myers. Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to you too!

And all I got was a bag of expensive cigars…:D:cool:

Keep an eye on your mailbox;-)


When I left the room I heard these funny “Munching” noises so I ran back in… [FONT=Comic Sans MS][size=2]
Buddy Puppy Inc & Hashana[/size][/FONT] got busted!

I received mine today. A big thank you Dave!

Hah! Got to fill those hollow legs don’t Ya know? :lol:

BTW I bet they rule the roost don’t they! Mine own the roost!! :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re welcome Marc.
I should have thrown in some milk bones;)

You’re welcome Chuck happy new year!

I just checked the box and I got my Hootie Hoo’s!

One of mine was rescued with guns, got attacked, they put the dog down & was never vaccinated. Went thru the rabies shots.
Hell of a way to make money but the Corvette is paid for :mrgreen: