Hey everyone (New Student)

Hey everyone👋I’m Akilia Merriett I’m a New Student. I’m not only a new student I’m new to this whole real estate experience. I’m very excited to start they new journey and I wanted to introduce myself.

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Hello Akilia, welcome. Where are you from?

Well you came to the right place. Plenty of 'free advice"… :innocent: :laughing: :japanese_goblin: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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But currently living in Houston Texas been here for 3months noe

Well Thank you

Well, good luck with your studies.

Tell us about what you’ve done so far, where you are at with your training, what got you into the business, etc. so we can offer the most genuine help to a person genuinely interested in the profession.

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Welcome to the forum.

Thank you so much

Welcome, glad you found the forum early. Valuable information here. Will help wit your studies.