Hey franchise owners: NPI, Brickkicker, HomeTeam, WIN, P2P, HouseMaster, Amerispec...

What do you like… and not like… about your franchise arrangement?

Anyone terribly happy or unhappy?

I don’t own a franchise but my brother does and he is restricted from Joining InterNACHI. His franchise requires him to be a member of ASHI or NAHI and heavily promotes those organizations to the Real Estate office. From what I can tell he is pretty much owned by the Franchise and has very little wiggle room to deviate from the franchise cookie cutter business plan. His franchise overhead takes a big bite out of his sales.

GPI/NPI has no restrictions really. Do not do anything stupid that gives them a bad name and your good to go. Use the software of your choosing or use theirs, join any organization you want. Our royalties are some of the industries lowest as well. Oh and to top it off, we can do home or commercial inspections. A lot of the franchises are restricted that way.

Well that explains a lot, thanks for that bit of insight John.