Hey guys, newbie here. Ride along possibilities?

Hey, how are you?

I literally just got home from passing the National Exam. I already took the Wisconsin exam and app and check are in the mail to get my license.

I live in Kenosha, Wisconsin. If anyone knows of anybody that wouldn’t mind a newbie tagging along for a few inspections I would appreciate it.

Thanks &
Happy Holidays,


Hi Kelly,

I’m far removed from Kenosha although I’ve been there eons ago. Welcome to the great world of InterNACHI! I have no doubt some fellow members will help and be pleased to have you “ride shotgun”…

Good luck


I’m not out that way, but you’re choosing a tough time of year to start, especially up there. You’ll get a ride along opportunity. I did some up here when I started, definitely a good idea. My mentor was in MA, a local didn’t want to help train a competitor I guess, we also agreed i wouldn’t say who i went with to avoid potential client stealing, kind of a mini non compete, no biggie. In any case you’ll get a taker, likely look at 1 man show type businesses.

Best wishes.

Scroll down the list… to where the distance is 30+ miles away… and start making some calls… http://www.inspectorseek.com/results.php?range=50&q=kenosha%2C+wi&x=8&y=6