Hey Jae Williams. I deleted one of your threads and this is why...

Wow, a letter from the future cool.

Or could it be the other side of the international date line:roll::roll:

You have a problem with humor/irony that is unsurpassed my friend. :stuck_out_tongue:

Having lived in the Antipodes for two years I am quite aware of the the different lines on the Globe. :wink:

They must be busy writing letters all over the country…

I was about the 15th in line receiving that e-mail–it’s been everywhere.

But I can understand their position, they didn’t send the e-mail to me directly and there was nothing on the missive to indicate it was copyrighted.

Well, that’s me–I live in the future, because the past has been way too cruel.:D:D


No harm, no foul as it was a pile of Bull Schmidt anyway, I’m just glad I didn’t step in it. :mrgreen:

So, it’s still from the future. :wink:

We live in a global economy. Attorneys from around the world want a piece of the action in the U.S.

Lawyers are all alike in the world . Circling like vultures

Ya, it would be a much better world if we could all just take what ever intelectual property we wanted and use it any old way at all. :wink:

Well Your right i guess they are good for somethings, But do not let the word get out i said that.