Hey Ladies/Gentleman , I had a couple of questions for any of you vets that are able to vomment

How is the Home inspection Industry been impacted by covid19?? Are home inspection companies thriving or is it down like everything else?.? Also how is marketing to realtors going with social distance? I just certified not to long ago on 120 course through ICA schools. Got all my tools business license marketing materials also. Then comes the dreaded covid19 situation we all got now. I’m still marketing mainly email to realtors and flyering homes for sale by using the Georgia MLS that’s about it. Also is there anyone on here in my similar experience? Starting a home inspection business very limited experience what was it like how did you get some inspections roll in??? Please help me out with this I am just trying to get were I’m doing 2 or 3 inspections a week. I’ve only shadowed a home inspector on a few inspections have a general idea as to what should be done. I have yet to do my first solo home inspection billable. Everything seems to me to be at a standstill . I hope all of you are flourishing in these trying times right now. I hope some of you vets can give me some good advice. Especially if any of you started up like I did. I think this is a cool industry with neat little gadgets to do the job. I got a drone for my roof inspection process and want some of the others lol. I will admit I’m a little hesitant with little experience starting up a business but figured I could do it with a little more of a learning curve.

Starting out in this industry is a hard process, usually several years before “established”. This virus stuff makes it exponentially difficult.
Personally, I finished regular inspections last week and will only do inspections on vacant homes with NO ONE ELSE present until this clears up.
I’m sure that is not what you were wanting to hear, best of luck to you.

No! I was just wondering different opinions from different inspectors. I’m going to still keep pushing the business and continued education through Internachi. Working on that and getting my CPI through you guys now. I appreciate your input and advice on my questions . Your first year how many inspections did you do solo and billable??

Not to fear monger that being said I’m kinda concerned about an economic collapse. All these different industry’s shutting down will have a trickle down effect on everything. I hope I’m wrong and things pick up full steam in a couple of weeks. It just seems like the whole country is operating @ 40% to 50% …

In my area, all non essential business must cease operation until May 4, 2020 and home inspection is not an essential business. Even with no one present, I cannot do inspections as my insurance would not cover me.

Your governor reopened the beaches, so business in Georgia should be going smoothly any day now. :upside_down_face:

Sorry to hear that Brother :frowning: I was worried about that in Atlanta , Ga area.

Yeah! I hope to get some stuff going soon that is somewhat encouraging…

Every authority is saying to stay home. Essential or not I’m not infecting anyone in my family.
I’m sure when this is over there will be a “boom” like Nick says.
For now I’m at home wearing out Netflix.


Sounds like a winner man just hate stagnating…

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In Cali, HIs got a pass, and are okay to work. Maybe that will change elsewhere?

If you’re having trouble getting the biz to move, and can still survive through this downturn on your savings and /or other work, keep that marketing going. Maybe come up with a plan to help your local RE business get moving again in some way. Stay within a code of ethics and SOPs while doing it, but you can test your creativity in the meantime. Make a lot of phone calls, and find out what most concerns agents, and see if you have something you can offer that genuinely helps them out.

And in the meantime, train train train. Read stories from experienced guys and absorb the knowledge from their strange encounters. Stay busy.

Yeah!! I still have alot to learn my friend… I’m trying to get my Internachi certification and doing all that also. Stay up on the knowledge part. I think experience is the best training from running a previous business… I’m new to this industry and sometimes find myself overwhelmed and feeling a bit insecure about it. Mainly lacking the field experience that’s when the confidence kicks in. We all shall see what the economy has in store kinda scary overall…