Hey licensing boards: I'm not trying to be an ahole, but if you all keep...

Hey licensing boards: I’m not trying to be an ahole, but if you all keep denying approval of InterNACHI’s Meth Hazards Inspection course… you’re going to look pretty sorry when an inspector dies from one. We already had one inspector hospitalized on an inspection. When one dies the media is going to call me and I’m going to complain that we couldn’t get our Meth Hazards Inspection course approved because the licensing boards claim it is outside the scope of a home inspection. It is, but it is a safety issue for home inspectors!

Attention members: Even if your state/province doesn’t approve this course, please take it: https://www.nachi.org/meth-house-hazards-remediation-course.htm

I took the course as soon as it was available.
Well worth taking the time to learn.
Thanks Nick