Hey Marcel Cyr...

Would you be interested in coming to Boulder for a couple months (or as long as you can put up with us) on $alary (plus all expenses paid), and do some research for us?

Love it! Nick you rock! Couldn’t have a better guy working with ya…

We have plans to produce more technical articles for www.nachi.org/articles.htm

Marcel does not do tree swings:D:D

You could not ask for a better man Nick

Knowing Marcel, he probably has all the research you need already! Great choice!!

Hey Nick, I am flattered with the offer, but you are 4 years to early. :mrgreen:
I have 4 more years before retirement. Otherwise I would go down and help in a heart beat.

There is no way I could get a leave of absence from the only job I found working at the Naval Ship yard. Although it is out of my element, it is a job with health benifets I can not afford to loose at the moment.

Again, I am flattered with your offer and wish circumstances were different so I could oblige.

Thank you for the offer, I am honored with the request. :):smiley:

Well then, you may consider the offer good for the next four years.

You got a deal Nick. :):wink:

So you loading up the truck and movin’ to Colorado? :smiley:


Gud 'un! :wink:

Marcel C, without a doubt, will be well worth the wait!

I didn’t Know Sean was selling his truck:shock:

I have been trying to get him to write some books!


Thanks Chris, with that vehicle, it should take me about 4 years to get there. :mrgreen:

I do hope to make it down there in the future just to meet Nick and his staff. They do a superb job for the Members. :slight_smile:

You could allow Marcel to freelance…work from his current home while still doing the same research.

That sounds like a winner Paul!

Someone just get the info out of him!

Agreed Carl, Love your vehicle Marcel :slight_smile:

Actual that’s Jethro (Jeffrey) Jonas driving you in pic isn’t it ? :mrgreen:

I have been nagging Marcel for a couple years now.