Hey Mario (or anyone)... can I get a PIC of your inspection van?

I heard it is awesome.

Yes…the 360 MACHINE has an awesome paint job…I don’t have one but I am sure Mario can snap a shot of it and get it online.


I dropped my camera on Sunday during an inspection and it’s shot.Today is a National Holiday and all retail stores are closed I will buy a new camera on Tue. and post a picture then.

Might as well get two cameras while you are there Mario.:smiley:
That is probably the tool I am most likely to damage, so now I have a spare.


That’s the plan. It was so frustrating and embarrassing asking the agent if I could use her camera. The inspection was at 10 am and all retail stores were closed until 12pm.

I was so pissed I just dropped it again and it works!!! I will buy two cameras tomorrow anyway. I think this one has served it’s purpose.

Any suggestions? This one is a HP 4 megapixels 6x digital zoom.


While you are there buying two cameras, you might as well buy three sets of batteries, (Digital), because on an Inspection I did Saturday I had one spare set that went bad on me after one set died. I had 40 of the 58 pictures before it went down and what saved me was I had my charger.

Half a dozen pictures for about ten minute charge, but I got through it alright. ha. ha.

Next time I will have four sets. ha. ha. By the time I got done the Attic, my Nachi light batteries went too. My wife gave me hell for going unprepared. ha. ha. I had to agree. 1979 Home took 58 pictures and submitted 56 in the report to show deficiencies. I had better luck with my daughters house in Caribou, Maine which was built in 1959.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:


I was able to get this camera to work!

This was the concept “Van”. It was designed by my wife’s son he is a Graphic Artist.


I’m good for batteries I always have 6 spares and a charger with me. I guess I wasn’t as smart as I thought I only bought one camera. I will take Brian’s advice and buy two.

I find that on avg. I take about 50 or so pictures of an inspection.

I hate to rub it in Marcel but you missed out on a great Convention!!

Well now that you have, I am really pissed that I could not make it.
I had to get down on my knees to get one day off to inspect my daughter house 265 mile away and have 3 and on half weeks I have not used up of my vacation. Don’t look like I will be taking them soon either.
I am in the three quarters done of an $8,000,000 project and need to start a $3,000,000 next week on the same project.

These College kids, they must have money! Ah well, It’s work.

Wish I could have been there Mario, seems like everyone had a good time.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

The door handle and lock in the first pic of four looks like exclamation mark !

Love it :slight_smile:

Thanks Paul. I never looked at it that way but you are correct!!!


I fully understand I’m just messing with you my friend!!

Thanks:D :smiley:



I would like to use pictures of your van in my marketing presentation. If that is okay with you, would you please email them to the address below. Thank you,

Hey Mario,
I find the HP’s are easy to use. I have a HP425 that is 5MP and can be found for about $125.00 right now. I have my old 325 as a back up. But honestly, the quality is going up and the prices are coming down…Sweet:D

I’m green with envy, awesome van Dude!:mrgreen:


You have mail.
And if you don’t like these pictures I will do my best to take new pics. BTW I just purchased a couple of new cameras and they take much better pictures than my “broken” down camera!!!


I just purchased 2 HP M525 with 6 megapixels. This camera is very impressive for my purposes.

Thanks for you help.And thanks for the compliment on the Van.

I’m on my third camera in 7 years. I am now using a Canon A540. It sets the flash intensity to suit the distance to the focus point. Great for those long attic shots. 4X lens zoom and 12X digital and 6mp. 2 AA batteries. Previous canon used 4 AA batteries. Much better; faster flash recharge and saving of picture. More pics between battery charges.

Thanks for the pictures.