Hey members with Spanish text on your websites. I sent you all a free....

Spanish version of www.nachi.org/now.htm

No compare da at this time amigo… Still working on that… it may help others. This is USA, an English speaking country. All people that come here should learn it.
Ps I can’t read Spanish either so not sure if the iPad translated that right or not :wink:

Mi novia es latina y estoy aprendiendo español.

And the first intolerant American rears his ugly head. :roll:

No kidding.
Maybe we should all be speaking Navajo as they were here first.
Old people always cling to what they know and never see the big picture in life.
English is not the official language because there is no law that says it is.
Why is it important which color is more prevalent?
I love all people for who they are and enjoy the difference.
So much ignorance.