Hey Mike......


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Kind regards,

Edward Lawrence
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P.O.BOX 1061
Alhambra, CA 91802
800-521-NAME (6263)

Note: The offer to sell this domain is subject to change. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Ohh I was wondering why you told me. Thanks but not for me. I still need my mill for westonhomeinspection.co or best good offer :slight_smile:

I am sure you took it in the spirit it was intended! :smiley:

Always. Sometimes I am a little slow at getting it :slight_smile: Getting old sucks…

By the way how did you f up your legs?

That is up for debate.

The right leg may have to do with favoring my left leg due to the surgeries on the left knee. Some if the stress fractures may be old and a result of pushing a little too much weight on the leg press machine or hack machine in the gym. It may also be a result of running, more specifically, running when I weighed 250 pounds! At 220, it isn’t as bad, but I still need to lose another 30 pounds.

There are also other corrections that need to be made, custom shoes, run gait training, and a whole host of other things, prior to returning to training in September.

Strangely enough, I have noticed in the last year, that on days when I have inspections and traverse attics, I am generally sore the next day. Especially my legs.

Now that the doctors know the problem, ewe can work on a plan to prevent it from occurring again. I am going to see a specialist this weekend in Stuart and was hoping to meet up with Jeff Galloway again, to get some insight.

Cut out carbs to lose weight. It works for guys :slight_smile: It really helped me lose weight which helps my bad knee.

Unfortunately lately since I can now get up and get food I have put on a few extra pounds :frowning:

I had macies cards for the little one to get Mommas day gifts and great discounts around 45% so I bought the nutra bullet thingie. the new one hid it and it’s will be my fathers day gifte. I found that when I was using the normal nutra bullet I would stuff it full of super greens from BJ’s which taste like crap in my low carb wraps and such I cuold put way more in than I could stand to eat any other way. I then added green goodness juice for liquid and frozen berries of all types and bananas. It tasted good but did not keep me full then I found the ticked. Embarrassing as it is for this meat lover to say I added a huge chunk of firm tofu and the protein kept me full and made it creamy. I can’t wait to give it a try again at fathers day. I’m 6’ and now about 188 “now because I’ve been bad” and would like to be about 170 I think. Not too far to go. Blood pressure a little high now but when I do the super green thing breakfast that really drops it.

Way ahead of you. :slight_smile:
I have been on the Atkins or a modified version of it, for the last five years.
Having Celiac almost mandates that type of diet.
The running community is convinced that you have to have carbs to run. I know different as my last race, I ran carb free for 2 weeks prior to the race and never felt better. There are drawbacks, as I found out, but they are easily correctable.

Having a wife who is the director of nutrition at a hospital, she shakes her head when my blood work comes back. Perfectly normal…for a 25 year old! :slight_smile:
And this year was the best in around 20 years.

Yeah it is funny folks do not get that the carbs cause the bad blood levels. I am convinced of that. when I lay off them my blood work is great.

Eric, You doing the Galloway at Fleet Feet in Stuart?

We are going to miss it as we are in Orlando now.
I plan on stopping by Fleet Feet Sunday, if they are open.