Hey Nick & Ron

(Nick, Was told by another member you don’t usually read post in members only area . . . was told to post here, so since I have no idea how to re-post, here’s what I posted earlier)**

Nick & Ron**,

Just wanted to make sure you both know how much appreciated the Stucco class in Boulder was . . . even with 18 degrees below zero (just a little cool) . . . thanks to Nick for his great support to inspectors and thanks to Ron for passing his knowledge . . . the great staff at NACHI TV and the staff members of iNACHI . . . hope to see everyone again soon.

God bless and have a wonderful holiday season.


Here are some PICs from the course: http://www.nachi.org/stucco2008.htm

  1. flying, shuttles and airports, really sucks!
  2. arrived 2 hrs late, No fault of Kenton ;), thanks dude, and had to leave 3 hrs early to catch the shuttle for the last flight out then flight was delayed 2 1/2 hours
  3. negative 18~19 upon arrival in Denver and white stuff on the ground
  4. Ron, Kenton/Nickolai/AGS walls were EXCELLENT!
  5. many in the room had extensive knowledge so it was great when the breaks and question and answer periods took place
  6. NACHI crew put on a great spread and made all feel like kings/queens
  7. not disappointed at all that i went and hope the video course turns out as well as is intended, if half as good as live it will be worth every penny!
  8. i didn’t get to stay for the IR portion, Ron and i worked up, so i hope someone stepped in and shot it with him. i showed several of the IR guys what i was intending on doing and think they got it, just before i had to leave


I agree with Barry and Mike. Great class, if you missed it you missed a great opportunity to learn. Glad to see you made the long drive back Mike. Thanks to all who put on this great learning experience. And really -18 isn’t all the bad Barry. Could be worse, you could live in South Dakota.

We’re so glad to hear that everyone had a great time. And actually learned a lot. Being 6’3" and 230 lbs, I felt like I was blocking everyone’s view during the class. I was front and center controlling cameras and sound.
Picture 3.jpg
Because of that successful class, we’re going to build an overhead catwalk and mount the cameras, lights and equipment (and me) 15 feet in the air. Kenton is sketching out plans to build stadium seating for the next class. And Nick is still eating the left over sandwiches and cookies.

Ben Make the set like TOOL TIME. You could be Tim and Nick could be AL …:slight_smile:


Ya, forgot how good the sandwiches and cookies were.

Sounds like all had a good experience.
Hope the seats were filled.

Sold out. It was so much fun.