Hey Nick...........

What’s up? I thought I was given “unmoderated” guest status a few months back… 4-5 recent posts have not shown up on the boards.

Congratulations ,Looks like you reap what you sew.
Well I guess you have shown just what kind of a person you are .
Many members have tried to give you a hint and you seem to not get the message .
Try helping our industry instead of running it down all the time.

You may have been given a different login and password

Check that first and if not contact Nick at fastreply@nachi.org.

See what it says up top under my name.

Here is what Brian’s post look like to me. :mrgreen:

Brian A. MacNeish This message is hidden because Brian A. MacNeish is on your ignore list.

Neat can you tell me how to set that up sounds great to me . Thanks Joe

You’ve been here all these years and can’t do that. Sh–! I would’ve gladly figured it out and told you how to do it?

Man, could’ve saved a great Pain in the A–!!

Now That is not nice I sent a post to another person and you feel the need to stick you parasitic nose in my mail .
I expect your mother did not raise you that way to be a noisy busy body . Life for you must be hard having to stand your own selfish methods .
I can see why you where thrown out of CAHPI Atlantic.
Your selfish attitude stinks .

It is under Control PanelEdit Ignore List. :smiley:


I do want to Ignore him but I expect iwll not do it.
The membership needs to know just what kind of a selfish Knowit all he is.
Thanks for the info but I think I can stand his Bull floops for a while to show others how he is not an good asset to our industry .
Keep up the good work Joe I and others appreciate it

Bill Mullen was right…you are a liar!! I was never thrown out of CAHPI Atlantic. I chose to leave for my own reasons. This has been recounted to you once or twice on these boards…You definitely know my situation is not as you claim but have said this a few times.

Man! I’m glad I never had to have any dealings with you…can’t be trusted!!

Now…why were you thrown out of INACHI? Oh, right…it’s in the history stored on these boards!!


Are you pissed off because I correct members when they are giving incomplete or wrong information…I don’t know about you but I believe this helps all members and non-member followers of the boards, don’t you?

Don’t go away mad, just go away!

No I am not XXX you think you are correct all the time and our 7,000~ members are idiots Not nice .
Be just a bit humble and not so I am the KING attitude and things will go well instantly .

Thanks for one of your better post’s it is nice for all to see just what kind of a selfish know it all you are .
No I paid my dues to belong to Nachi and will stay a member till I die .
I will continue to support Nachi and all the Nachi Members .
Thanks again my Little Parasite Baby.
Be Nice and try doing things correctly the way a person who is a visitor should in some one else’s home .
You too could find out just what a great place NACHI is .

Yeah, some really good inspectors here but the overall concept is helping flood the market with HI’s…it’s the only way Nick can make this place work. Have you seen some of the posts from members just today as to how low prices are going…There were way too many inspectors in a good RE market so that’s what happens in a poor market. I have gone back to look at some past threads and see that people that railed against me for my views are no longer members…what’s that tell you?

I wonder why you are so concerned about NACHI and you say little about what is Happening in Canada .
You from the get go have ridiculed NACHI and praised the very expensive System you are part of that is trying to push on all Canadian Hommies.
You praise up CAHPI and the NCA .
Why not tell all how expensive it is and how many of the director are not at arms length in this association .
You as I posted are a parasite and are not being truthful at all.
The NCA is just as big a scam as
Remember Whistler
Bill has a big anouncement comming soon


In your eagerness to please yourself and others you continually and purposely overlook the conflicts which have pervaded the management at the top of PHPIC and NHICC.

It might be a good idea if you are going to spout how professionals operate - you might want to start looking at the overall picture rather then your continual tripe you spout about how inspectors are untrained.

“What is Happening in Canada” seems to be mostly an Ontario problem…splintered small associations trying to lure in members. IMHO, you have to clean up your own backyard firstly.

I know you see BC licensing as a problem by itself. And they decided not to recognize INACHI/MICB/CMI …what can I or you say or do about that? Where was Nick?

I don’t know much about CAHPI outside the Atlantic area. I am PISSED that CAHPI National tried to screw up the NCA and am now weighing my options as to where I’ll hang my hat in the next few months.

I do talk to a couple of CAHPI- Atlantic members occasionally. The HI requirements have become more stringent here… and as you have pointed out in trying to run down CAHPI Atlantic, the past National CAHPI president and a few others have to go back to school if they want to become RHI’s again…that’s a good system, IMHO…nobody, even RHI’s get granfathered along!! It was voted on by membership and they had 2 years to upgrade…if they didn’t,that was their own choice!! At least, it’s democratic.

And you say I’m not being truthful.

Kind of odd, Nick…You ask me for input on CMI and then I can’t post on the thread!

What thread are you trying to post on?

“Unmoderated” will not give you access to “Members Only” threads.

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