Hey Nick

I wonder what is the advantage to a smart reply.
It costs nothing to be polite .

This effects many home inspectors ,Putting it on forum gets all thinking and more ideas .

Thanks Mike it does not effect me at this time but gives us in Canada and else where a chance to see what is happening and how it effects our industry…


Did you even bother to read the other replies, or what this thread is about?.. Or did you just come here to continue stalking me? :nachi::nachi::nachi:

Now is that not strange you ( HA HA ) acuse me of stalking and you say nothing about your Buddy Michael who has stocked me for years .
Sounds like you are again proving that you are a trouble maker .
As I said it cost’s nothing to be polite

I only get involved because I fell sorry for you hard work americans. I tried to get a first aid kit for a worker that was bit by an insect/bug at a school. The school told me they can not have a first aid kit cause of law suits… So Cover Your ***

Quite interesting that the only trouble on this thread in FL comes from a Yankee and a Canuck wasting our time on their ridiculous bantering.

The question is how is it to fill out the form properly. Nobody is authorized by OIR to answer the question. This is like the end of the Ferris Bueller Movie, over and over I tell you it’s over but you don’t go away.