Hey Ohio members. I shipped you all a package today.

And an invitation to our N.E. Ohio inspection event: http://www.nachi.org/forum/f84/north-east-ohio-chapter-international-association-certified-home-inspectors-inspectors-meeting-wadsworth-oh-jan-8-a-95966/#post1256173

Thank you Nick…👍

Thanks Nick.

I am looking forward to Wadsworth.

Will this be the only event in Ohio or will you be travelling south? I’m about 200 miles from Wadsworth but I’ll make the trip if you’re not coming any closer.

Thanks for all the goodies Nick …I thought the wine of the month club was way over the top…

www.nachi.org/form and I’ll come to you.


Thanks Nick…

I don’t recall seeing an invitation, but there was some pretty cool stuff. Thank you!

Thanks Nick! I haven’t seen anything yet but I will watch for it.

Can’t wait for our meeting!:smiley:

Still waiting…:slight_smile:

Me too.

Come to the meeting tonight: http://www.nachi.org/forum/f84/north-east-ohio-chapter-international-association-certified-home-inspectors-inspectors-meeting-wadsworth-oh-jan-8-a-95966/