Hey Pillar to Post, get rid of your PR person.

I don’t know who is writing your press releases, but get rid of him/her. Makes you look like you’re barely keeping up with the times. Lots of statement inside that press release UN-sell Pillar to Post. It reads like something we would have written 20 years ago.


Average marketing.

Their sample home inspection report is very realtor friendly. Clean this, watch that ect.

A horrible piece.

This sentence make it sound like Pillar to Post hasn’t “addressed their needs” and now has to start: “We have to address…” What’s with the future tense of that sentence? Horribly written.

The phrase “committed to…” is something that is used by those who are only planning to do something, and not currently doing it. Again, horribly written.

Really??? OMG, someone stop this guy from ever doing an interview for our industry. Well, I guess as long as he doesn’t repeat it.

OMG. He repeated it.

You can do that? :wink:

OK, now we’re getting somewhere. What are those “four key parts?” They should be unique or nearly unique to P2P and shouldn’t be anything many in the industry are already doing:

Uh, many do that already and have for 20 years.


Uh, what about the consumer? I get it. E&O insurance pays for defense costs when a consumer feels we missed something huge, but we don’t need to put out press releases explaining that the E&O insurance doesn’t cover consumers. That is un-selling us.

A goal isn’t part of a value proposition. Again, it makes P2P sound like they are behind and setting goals to catch up i the education area. This also un-sells P2P.

Nothing new.

Let’s recap: The four parts of your value proposition are:

  1. On-site report.
  2. E&O insurance to pay to fight the consumer.
  3. Continuing education that is already free in the inspection industry and free to agents.
  4. You can schedule an inspection easily.

BAM! Now you came up with something that is worthy of a press release. Not every home inspector offers this. This should have been the title of the press release. Very good.

I thought you were the leader. Now you say (in Bold font) that you are only “keeping pace.”

There he goes again. Instead of “serving the needs of the real estate professional today” he’s only now “collecting feedback in order to focus on” those needs. Well, I guess as long as he doesn’t repeat that.

OMG, he repeated it. So again, you are saying that you haven’t yet “put the right services and experience together?”

Sounds like your people don’t believe it. Just change the structure of the sentence and say something like: “Pillar to Post holds the customer at the center of our world.” Never start a sentence with the words “We can’t…”

Sounds like you were really behind in technology and now have to make a massive investment to catch up.

All agents use iPads. Your press release admits that you only “recently” made a change that allows the use of iPads. Again, horribly written.

Again, never start a sentence like this. Don’t tell us what you wish you were going to do someday.

At least finish strong. The last sentence of a press release this bad, better be awesome!


From now on, Pillar to Post should send me their press release drafts. I’ll fix them up before they publish them. No charge.

I’ve seen many of their reports…very generic, outdated check list style. Not much better than hand written reports. They do operate in the old school format.

Pillar to Post is a very good company. However this press release is going in one of our courses as an example of how not to write one.