Hey Vets...

Do you promote your business as veteran owned? How about utilizing the SBA? I have been debating registering with the SBA but I don’t know if it is worth the time and effort. I’m starting over again and want to hit it hard and get going. Any advice is alway appreciated.

Yes, I certainly do. I’m proud of my service and I also will personally choose a vet owned business over another if all other things are equal.

I have been hired partly because of it.

Support your fellow veterans.

PS, even if it doesn’t help, I cant see how it could possibly hurt.

I’ve been hired because I am a veteran owned business…it doesn’t hurt…

Cool. I am proud to have served and would certainly like to inspect for veterans. I continue to serve as a volunteer firefighter and enjoy the hell out of it. And thanks to you guy’s for your service.:cool:

Steve 19.5 yrs active Air Force here. Yes I do and I’ve been hired many times because of it.

I am a vet and one thing we do is give a vet discount as well.

About once a year we usually get a soldier who is buying his first home. We usually do about 1 per year for free to a vet.

These men and women put their lives on the line for pennies. If you want preferential treatment then you gotta give it.

Thant you to all the Veterans! We honor Veterans and active duty military with discounts, and try to hire them. We have two veterans who are awesome!

I have been a member of this orginization since their start up. I have gotten business from their referrals and reccommend them.


Thanks Allen!

Be forewarned… my AV software flags many inspector sites that fly the Veteran Owned Business (active) Logo. If you are going to have their Logo on your site, disable the active feature (like the Nachi Verify).

Do the sites not come up, or do you get a warning about the Site?

My AV blocks the site from loading. I can bypass, at my risk, if I choose.

One of them that I remember doing that is Kevin Leonards. It has been a year or two, so maybe no longer does it.

Just wanted to give a heads up just in case.

I promote it and get business because of it. Also does not hurt that I can throw a rock and hit a sailor, soldier, coastie, airman and even jarheads.

Stop throwing rocks at Jarheads Brad, we throw them back :slight_smile:

no sense of humor those jarheads…

Not a lot of military here but we have a small Coast Guard station.

coast guard isnt real military is it?

I can’t count how many times I’ve been hired due to my military past and advertising it on my website…



Guess what I did in the military?

Investigated fraudulent government construction contract activity! :slight_smile:

I tried signing up on that site and my listing doesnt show up when I attempt to search in my area… oh well