Hey! What have you done for NACHI today?

**Hey! What have you done for NACHI today? **

No wiring and driving.

Is that still a nickel can in some states ?

Oh…I don’t know Joe…Answer hundreds of questions I would guess…lol…without any compensation for my time and experience does come to mind…:slight_smile:

i saw that same guy make a bong the same way.

Joe you should put that can out on e-bay


I was only allowed to take a picture of it when an electrician brought in some show and tell" stuff to my Long Island, NY seminar last month.

He wouldn’t let it go!

How much do you think someone would pay from E-Bay for this “splice box”?


$29.95 plus s/h. that’s my final offer.

:slight_smile: Thanks Joe;

But I prefer a **Shaefer, ha ha **

That was pretty good Joe. :slight_smile: :cool: :cool:


I’ve had that beer-it was revolting! :roll: