HG 5.1 Released

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Hey Robert do you know if the new release addressed the default picture size in companion. Currently I have to resize each picture once I upload to desktop. Companion just has a default picture size. Update looks good.

Hey Paul, I’m not really sure as I’m not familiar with that issue. I do know there are new picture features and “fixed” picture issues with the update. In the News Alert you can click on the link that shows the full list of 5.1 features.

If that issue wasn’t corrected, you can use this: win 7 picture resizer
Select all of the pictures, click on resize and then a box will come up asking what size. There are four default sizes and one custom size.
Resize them and do not interrupt the operation. It is a little finicky, but works.

Thanks Eric, I’ll check it out

Been using VSO for years.
Right click on any photo to activate.

Free …http://www.soft29.com/freeware/image_resizer.htm

That looks cool, thanks Bob