HG Companion Closing During Inspections

So this has happened to me on several unfortunate inspections.

During an inspection, I generally take photos and make comments in the appropriate sections and move from system to system or room to room whatever it maybe.

If I return to the main menu (where all the sections are listed) and leave it there without it auto saving, companion will close out and I will lose any unsaved work. Generally this happens when a realtor or client starts asking some questions and by the time you’re done you get back into the app to find out that the inspection was closed out by Android.

What I’ve found that helps a little is that at least the photos are not lost, they are still in the photo locker, but your comments are gone. And yes I try to remember to save but sometimes you just plain forget, and the autosave feature only works when you backup into the main menu. This hasn’t happened that I am aware of if you stay inside a section (Plumbing, Drain systems for example), only when you’re in the main menu.

If find this to be a liability if I miss a something I originally captured in the report.

Is anyone aware of a way from keeping Android from killing the HGC app (yes I blame Android)? Is there a way HG can make it so it doesn’t get killed? I know it will become a battery drain if you don’t kill it but would rather have that then losing my inspection.

Couple quick questions… What device are you using, What photo app are you using, Have you checked for android and HGC updates?

I had this same problem for a while and an android system update fixed it.

Note4 and camera ics+ camera app, which crashes a lot.

Thanks, John, I just noticed I’m an update behind for Kit Kat, hopefully this fixes it. HG is the latest.

I think that’s it. The update seemed to stop the App from closing when the the screen timed out. Best of luck.

When you update the Android O/S uninstall and reinstall HG Companion. This seems to stop the killing of HGC.

Also if you load any new apps that use the camera, re-install HGC. For some reason the camera apps can throw the HGC settings off causing it to crash. (e.g. ZoomFx)

John and Leonard, thanks both you guys rock, I think that did the trick on a premature closeout. I’m going to test some more tomorrow on my next inspection.

I stopped automatic updating since that last Android update caused the text in HGC to become micro and forgot to check to see if any new updates were out there.