HG Companion expired

I’ve been getting a message for a while now, a countdown of sorts, that my HG Companion app trial period is ending, blah, blah, blah. I just ignored it because I pay $59 per month, every month, and thought that the companion app was part of that expense. But sure enough, I just tried sending my report to the cloud from my mobile device to finish the report on my computer and am getting an error message. I should have contacted HG before this, but now it’s after 5 and I’m stuck with the report on my mobile. Is there anything I can do except wait for HG to open in the morning and restore the service that I’ve been paying for?

NO responses yet. Are you in our Facebook group for HG users? You can probably get some help there. Sometimes the staff is even monitoring it after hours. The link is in my signature.

Thanks Frank!

After hours support is more likely if at your HG Dashboard online you click support and then “Ask a Question” A couple of us will get an email when you submit.

I will look up your account and respond by email if you haven’t already been helped.

It looks like Suzie has sent you your HGC license key.

I am sorry for the inconvenience.