HG fror Slate 2

I have a Slate 2 just bought about 7 months ago in excellent condition. I am looking to trade something good for it. My first wish is a full copy of HG. The Slate also comes with a protection/carrying case and stylus pen. I tried onsite but I just find it to demanding due to how interactive I am with my clients. Easier for me to take pics/notes. If interested contact me.

Billy Boerner

Ask Russ @ HG he may know someone.


a used $400 slate for a minimum $695 software license
is the air really that bad in StL
what else do you have to throw in sweeten the deal

It would be interesting to hear if the HG license agreement permits the license to be conveyed to another person. That’s not very different than a client reselling your inspection report

Not sure I understand that thinking… Unless something has changed, HG allows you to sell your Lic. I remember winning a copy of PV InspectVue software several years ago and they wouldn’t let me sell or transfer the license (but HG does). John has the best advice to contact Russell.

He could also post it on the HG message board.

So you’re finally crossing over to the dark side. :mrgreen:

Billy, there are cremes, salves and other medications to help with this. Maybe a little therapy and you will be as good as new!
I agree that the Slate was a mistake, but don’t go backwards with everything else! Seek help immediately!!!

It has been done several times .

Well, he’s been in that “support” group for a while now :wink: