HG Geographic Locations?

Has any one used the geographic locations in HomeGauge effectively? I started messing with it to limit inspection availability by date to specific cities, but it started getting a little clunky. I would be happy with just limiting inspections to East of the Willamette river and West of the Willamette river, but think too many people would be confused. Any examples of effective uses would be much appreciated.

BTW - I’m thinking about getting an ISN account solely for this reason as it apparently can limit inspections by geographic location as well. The coolest component is that it sounds like it can limit the second inspection scheduled for the day to be within X miles of the first one. That seems like a great feature. It seems like everything else can be replicated somewhat in HG.



Right now the inspector books the inspections themselves so it is up to them to book appropriately. In the future when the public is allowed to schedule their own inspections we will be considering such features. Our old business scheduler had something similar to this.

Thanks for your message. I’m still using the classic scheduler with you guys right now. 95% of our inspections are scheduled online by the public or agents themselves.

The classic scheduler has the option of geographic areas, but I was wondering if there are any good examples of this being used out there. I know of one here in Oregon that uses it, but it looks like they all just go to the same availability anyway (for a one person shop). We want to really limit availability by area for a multi-inspector firm. Having the ability to do this automatically like it sounds like ISN can do would be awesome (rather than setting availability by the day of the week). For example, if someone first books in East Portland, the next inspection of the day will need to be within 25 miles of that inspection.

In any case, that really seems like the only added benefit to using ISN to me over and above what HG can do. I’m looking forward to the new scheduler options. If anyone does have good examples of the classic scheduler in use for geographic locations, I would appreciate it.

Thanks! HG rocks!