HG sample CMI watermark on report.


Don’t forget thc CPI s we use hg too

HG did that for me. They are great people.

Copying HIP are they ?

Watermark has been around for awhile now.

Looks great!!

I am not much on copying others, it’s the other way around. Can you post the HIP report with the CMI watermark in it here? That would be great.

I even included the meme for you!!

https://i.imgflip.com/1kcpbp.jpgvia Imgflip Meme Generator


Thanks my brother!

I made this CMI watermark in color.

Publication1.pdf (102 KB)

HIP Template

I did not watermark mine, I made a cover template for the reports.
CMI in lower right corner
House photo fits in the blue frame.


Not a watermark but I think it looks good.

One leads, many follow.


That looks really nice and professional, well done=D>