HG Wish List

I thought I’d start a post for changes, improvements and suggestions. Please try to keep the post on topic. If a suggestion is being addressed or brought to HG’s attention perhaps Russell can comment on its status.

Thanks all for helping make HG even better

Here’s my suggestion. Add check summary to the find next option.

Bring back the HG Support Board for users (on HG’s site).

Another suggestion:

Fix the spell checker, including the spell check inside the photo text box…

Another suggestion:

When Manually Uploading a report, why can’t we add a title to the tiny list of report names?


Fix the annoying “Image didn’t save properly” error when adding photos (requiring you to cancel the Insertion, and start all over again)…

A grammar checker would be nice too;)

I want:

iOS completed, it’s almost there.
Mac Version, it’s the only pc with growing numbers and now preferred by developers.
Ability to input arrows etc… in the companion apps.
Ability to fully complete and send out in companion, shouldn’t matter for those paying for HG services.
Ability to upload straight to ISN.
Ability to edit template on companion… A save template button.

How about adding the HUD 203K related forms into the software. I know HG does not offer them but do any other HI software programs include the 203K related forms?


YES! The spell checker is so outdated, and not too bright.

Dayum no spell checker?

Forms, Forms, Forms…

Would love to be able to fill out my forms “WDIR” with companion app. I would think this would be easy to add. Kinda like choosing a template within the app.

The ability to have different default picture sizes for “overview pictures” and “inspection item pictures”. Highly annoying that I can’t do this and have to resize overview pictures to achieve a desired PDF output.

Would like to control font size

Here are some from a our Facebook group I posted a while back. There maybe some duplicates from above.

HG Desktop
-Stop creating a folder each time you open the program
-Option to automatically move most used comments to top of list
-True global comment lists
-Subsections in component areas
-Reduce or optimize PDF size by optimizing photos
-Add video to PDF
-Higher/cleaner looking company logo in pdfs
-Add pictures into comments
-Rotate pictures without open to edit them
-Copy and paste pictures with comments
-Styles and materials, add multiple parents ie smoke and CO
-Change template after selecting it.
-Make window expandable when saving a comment from the inspection area
-Hyperlink to a area in the report
-Add an option in both summary and full report for photos at the end. Also 2 columns to help reduce wasted space. I would like to minimize blank white areas. (thanks John Tyler)
-Export report to MS Word or RTF format so we can add tables and have more control over format (thanks Steve Ramos).
-Adding the ability to create and manage tables of data is essential if you use HG for asbestos, lead, or mold data reports. This would add a lot of capability and open HG to new markets (thanks Steve Ramos).

HG Companion
-Stop creating a folder each time you open the app
-Add a menu button instead of long press
-Add markups to photos
-Add copyright to photos
-Better spell check correction suggestions.
-Auto-capitalize sentences in Companion.
-Edit template
-Save field narratives to template

The lack of a Mac version is huge. It’s one of the reasons I use HIP

Fix smart text when using auto comments from style and materials.

My list:

  1. I’d like links from the Summary Page items directly to the item in the report body. I don’t put images in the summary so a link would allow readers to quickly go to the item to see the picture, etc.

  2. Better video support:
    a. The ones we have are too small, allow us to select the size we want just like pictures.
    b. Ability to embed videos from YouTube etc. This would be a great template item so if i have a video explaining an issue it can be right in the report tied to the comment.

  3. Quick search in global comments. The filter is really slow and clunky.

  4. Ability to ad arbitrary HTML code to reports, include javascript.

  5. Auto renew license on startup (so I don’t have to go and click the button each month).

  6. Search in Open Report

  7. Larger limit on report size for Companion. The world is moving to higher and higher res pictures and videos. Videos and expanding pictures are a core differentiation for HomeGauge. I don’t want my reports to contain tiny videos and I can’t use Companion if it limits are so low that I have to change settings to low quality to use the program.

Amazing … I’ve used HG for 10 years and have never thought about 99% of the things being asked for NOR have I ever known any guys in my area using them.

I would like for HG to remember window size and position. Each time I open HG, I have to check the box to get out of full screen mode, move the window to the side of the screen and then resize the window so I can fit my notes on the screen.

I would not think that getting HG to remember the last screen size and position would be that difficult.