HG with multi inspectors

How does HG handle licensing with multi inspectors. Do I need a license for each inspector?

Do I need to upload the report to home gauge and set up a password, or can I create a PDF and send it?

They do require a license for every inspector, unless you are a team, then one license.

You can PDF the report and send it out(ISN). This is how we do it. Call me if I can help

We charge per inspector and give a discount for multi inspectors. If you have a team that goes to the same house and never separately then you can have one main license and buy a few HG Companion licenses for smartphones and merge the reports into one.

You can send a PDF straight from the software without ISN.

You can use our upload feature and deliver the report in html or a Web Presentation that is interactive with expanding pictures to hi res, video clips in the report and more.

Today our News Alert announces that our New online Appointment manager just advanced to adding the multiple agreement feature which blocks viewing of the report until signed.

More great stuff to come.

Juan, we are a multi and have been pleased with how HG works. The only thing missing from HG verses HIP is iOS and the integration with other services like ISN isn’t as smooth. I have a feeling Russell is about to fix these issues. Feel free to message me on Facebook if you have any questions.

Good to know thanks!