HGTV comes to Portland

HGTV is coming to Portland OR. I am shooting next week for a new show where I, as an inspector help a couple decide between two differant houses they are considering.

Seems like a lot of fun and pretty good publicity. The organization is poor and it won’t air for a year. Reguardless I’ll have “bragging rights”.:mrgreen: :smiley:

Way to go Scott! Be sure to let us know when the show airs. :slight_smile:

Good job, Scott. Whether it’s a year from now or next week, you can still take the video and embed it into your website. I most certainly would.


Scott do you need me to come back there, we may pass as brothers.

not so much any more, I grew my hair back (what little I have anyway). You would be welcome here, how’s it going in Idaho?

Putting the video up on the website is a great idea. I wonder if I can have an advance copy?

Simply tell the Producer that you would like the video on a CD as soon as they have completed editing it, and then upload it to your website or even… You Tube.