This show has actual inspectors on TV, not bad for a change.


I will check it. Just hope it isn’t like Holmes on Homes.


Uh-Oh :mrgreen: The inspector recommended replacing the FP panel “because issues with the design of the panel where fires have resulted”.

Jeff Pope, are you out there?

(Crystal’s First Home)

I know of 3 training school that teach that to every person who wants to become a HI. It wasn’t until I did my own research, read through a lot of threads here/there and talked to multiple electricians that I changed my narrative.

It has been removed already. I wonder if that had something to do with the perception given by Mike Holmes?
Anything good and accurate does not last long on TV.

What has been removed?

Try clicking on it again William.

Just did and watched the preview, saw the inspector stipulating his company policy is to recommend replacement of FPE panels.

We in Canada can not get it or the others

It must be just for Canada then that it has been removed as it says, Sorry the requested video cannot be found.

Ah, this explains that!