Hi, anyone have any real world experience with this software?


The price is right, but I’m not sure about the quality.
I was an inspector for 10 years and got out of the business in 2006.
Just getting back into the it now in another State, so they require me
to do all the training from scratch.

Looking for some inspection software and came upon the guys

Thanks for your comments if you know about this software package.

P.S. I am strictly looking for comments from inspectors who have real world experience with it.


What state are you in ? Wow…all future upgrades included…free support forever…all for $99…Dominic should be shaking in his boots !! :slight_smile:


You get what you pay for.

You have used this software before?

Any inspection report software that advertises how it produces “unbelievable” reports is probably telling the truth.


Fourteen years and a thousand customers in two countries. Wow! You’re the man!

[size=2]Over a 1,000 happy users throughout US and Canada.
They are happy though!:stuck_out_tongue:

James…I don’t think you got the inside joke. :shock:

I would contact them and see if they have a demo version to try.

It looks like it is a combination of Office and possibly Excel. They may also have used Access for the database.

If that is what it is, $100.00 is cheap!
On the other hand, you can customize it. Look at the completed sample report.

Strange they do not offer a trial.
That says something about it right there.

just skip it and go right to home inspector pro cant be beat

Why not stay with the software program you had when you left? Or did you use the Matrix system?

The program I used before was one I built myself from MS Word. It was starting to show it’s age and the limit of my software capabilities.

More than likely I am headed toward HomeGauge…I have about 2 weeks to decide.
I will be a member of InterNACHI soon, as I believe it comes free when I get my insurance with GREIA. I need to be up and going with everything 3 weeks from today.

thanks to all those that replied

Try Home Inspector Pro great software and support.


Try Housefacksreports.com it is an easy to use, affordable web based program that produces great looking reports. 10 free reports for signing up and no contract.

Dan Osborn

Dan if you own/work for the company you should make sure to disclose that.

just use HIP, good grief

Sorry but I find it hilarious that a online software rep would not be able to use links.:lol:

Homegauge.com :smiley: