HI E&O Insurance

Just wondering if anyone has E&O insurance with Liberty Mutual. I received a quote from Progressive with both Hartford and LM. Appears to be much less than Elite with more coverage. I’m looking for coverage to obtain FL license.

Curious what you have learned or been quoted.

Not totally sure if this is the complete coverage needed. It appears to be.

NO, this is GL coverage only. This is not related to E&O whatsoever!
Also, you need to be specific if wanting for Residential, Commercial, or Both!
Here’s a hint… if it doesn’t cost ya a couple grand+ /year, it’s not likely what you are looking for!


Thanks Jeffrey. I’ll have to call progressive and specify. I believe LM had only a commercial option I could choose from.

This may be more in line with the E&O quote, although doesn’t include the GL.

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That price seems low, but the deductible is nice.
I have elite, and it’s $2400, but you need to make sure it also covers everything you are inspecting, or you may not be protected.
(Stucco, drone, mold, etc…)

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Since I’m a member of USAA and NFCU, I figured I would check with their insurance contacts as well, and all seem to be within the same premium range. I think the difference might be the ancillary items, like Mold inspection, pool/spas, Drone, etc. I plan on excluding certain items for the initial start-up, and progress as I move forward.

If the cost is even close I’d go with someone who’s in the HI business. When things go sideways I’m not sure I’d want “Flo” from Progressive defending me in an inspection related suit.


Certainly agree with you on that. I have about four different quotes I’m checking out. Thanks