Hi Everyone

This is Bob Smith.

And I am Not

This is your Captain speaking !! :slight_smile:

Hi Bob, Welcome to the forum. This is really a nice forum full of information. I am also new the forum I am here to make new friends for my real estate business.

Hi Everyone…
i,m Jcyber.

Another SPAM thread.

Apparently Nicks favorite.


You should “sign out” so you blend in with the rest. You stick out like a sore thumb!!! :wink:

Welcome to the forums bob if your looking for any environmental training such as radon testing, Mold inspection, or Indoor Air Quality testing visit http://www.esaenviro.com

Tell your company to quit sending me emails spammer. I have a lab already.

Ditto what Sean said. You guys are very annoying, and due to your insessant spam mail, would probably never use you even if I would have considered it in the past. Cut your own throats, you did.

Oh, and yes, I did email you a few times ASKING YOU to remove me from your list.

Your loss. Too bad, so sad!!!

They go right in my spam folder