HI License renewal

I am coming up for renewal this July and have heard we do not have to have training CEU’s this time…can anybody confirm this?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, it’s true. When you get your renewal form in the mail it will also tell you this on the top first section of the information sheet.

Correct, just give up $205.00 (it’s all about the money) and get your renewal. You can do it on-line and it takes about 8 days to get your copy.
Just got mine.

Just did it…like you said! Thanks again!

Did you guys get a notice in the mail? Or did you just renew online?

No notice, just renewed.

Apparently, as someone said on this board, they aren’t that interested in collecting! :mrgreen:
Guess I’ll have to go do this as well.

Just got my renewal in the mail yesterday. Just another bill:D

Yep that was the whole reason we have licensing.
So we gan pay another bill.

I pity the Fools that wanted it.

Any of you want to admit you were DEAD wrong yet?

Ask and you shall receive!
My renewal was in the mailbox today! :slight_smile:

got mine today too. Only $105 to keep it but put it in inactive status. Thinking that is the way to go until all the guys who are doing HI as a hobby go back to flipping burgers and bagging groceries. By then all the insurance inspections will a thing of the past. Meanwhile I have spots reserved at the Pensacola Fishing pier and Hooters.