HI Reality Show

Has there ever been a thought about a home inspector reality show?

With all DYI programs, this would set the market up with a big boost in HI.
Some of the callouts here are incredible. As the gas log fire place in the basement that’s makeshift. No flue or venting.
The possibilities are endless.

There was one a few years ago. And it wasn’t Holmes.

Holmes inspections didn’t last long here in Canada, probably due to the show being unrealistic, would be interesting though.

REA’s don’t want one. They have muscle to keep us out of a lot of things.

There is an HI I know that just signed a contract for a reality show. He started a large inspection company years ago and sold it and then moved and started another one. He is a great inspector and a really nice guy. I don’t know if they started filming yet or what channel its on though

There was a couple different ones about 6-7 years ago. The first was mostly about inspecting and then it developed into an Inspection and then fix show. Both off the air now. The audience is too small for the inspection portion.

Whatever the show, it should be named Inspector Wars!