HI-SPEC reporting systems.


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With the purchase of HI-Spec Pro, you also get:
*Our “Evergreen” policy: when you purchase HI-Spec Pro, you can upgrade to the latest release at NO ADDITIONAL COST. *
NO ANNUAL FEES OR CHARGES: when you purchase HI-Spec Pro, HI-Port Systems provides ongoing product technical support and product release maintenance. You become a member of our client family now and into the future, without any additional costs to you. *
FREE MULTIPLE ACTIVATIONS: if you use more than one computer to run your business, the HI-Spec Pro application can be run on all your local network-connected computers. For single-inspector firms, we will provide FREE
software activations on the additional computers you use to run your business. HI-Spec Pro is designed to support use in your local LAN network configuration. *
You become a member of the HI-Port Systems family: when you join our member forum, you have access to our Documentation Library, you have access to software upgrades and patches, and have you your company prominently displayed in our “Find An Inspector” directory. All this is FREE to you when you purchase our software.
*You get a product with features not found in any other software application! At a low, one-time-only cost, you get a powerful software application that goes beyond giving you the capability of preparing your inspection reports. HI-Spec Pro is designed to help you manage and expand your business. It includes tools to manage your marketing efforts; it provides front-end easy-to-use scheduling capabilities; it packages your forms and Reports into PDF documents; it creates mailing lists, prints envelopes and labels, creates customizable email messages, and prepares Realtor office rosters; it provides a powerful set of business management reports to help you understand the business of home inspection. *
Your get a superior inspection reporting software application: HI-Spec Pro has unique screen designs to speed up your process for entering inspection data and information. Whether entering information about the characteristics of the home you are inspecting or finding the right wording for a deficiency observation, you will find HI-Spec Pro is designed to reduce your time and effort. Choose from four client-friendly and informative Report Styles that your clients will love.
*In addition to all the above great features, HI-Port Systems software applications are designed to work in network configurations, allowing both single- and multi-inspector scheduling and use. *