Hidden PB

Got lucky and just happened to shine my flashlight under the attic floor as i came up the folding steps. I had a small gap to look into.
This was the only place I found the pipe and all the condos in the development probably had it.

The only other give away was the washer connections would twist while I was tesing them. All the stub outs were copper and the home was on a slab.

A little more insulation and an installed washer would have been a headache for me down the road perhaps.


A few months ago I did an inspection and the Realtor wanted to make sure that I documented the PB. I look all over and it was copper everywhere.

I asked the seller about it and he told me that there had been a leak above the living room ceiling. When the drywall was pulled down all the plumbing was PB until it got to the walls for the bathrooms.

I guess it was one way for the plumber to get rid of some of his extra PB a little at a time on his jobs.

I have found it in the past but its tricky. Twisting shut offs and shower valves that flop around excessively seem to be indicators.
It seems that many secured the copper in the walls for the stub outs so in a slab home thats all you see.
I found one that was only visble when I opened an access panel.
What bothers me is I wonder if i have ever missed any.

This was under the bathroom sink. All indications would have you believe that copper was used throughout the house.

I just report that “visible” distribution plumbing was [insert type]

In Florida its much easier to find…what year was it built…