hiding place

Ok, this is an interesting hiding place…but WHY???
Looking at the photo, on the right (in the toilet tank) is a Prego sauce jar.



Water Conservation

Same as putting a brick in the toilet. Might save you a nickel a year. :mrgreen:

Just makes me take a moment & think when my wife opens the Prego for dinner! :slight_smile:

I found a fan remote control in the electrical panel yesterday.

I guess you just never know!

Did you look inside the jar? When my wife’s great grandparents passed, they found $ hidden all over the house. (depression erra folks)

which will go toward the cost of replacing the rubber gasket at the base of the cistern. Off balancing does not pay off except for the plumber.

Well, at least four cents anyway.

You would probably be surprised at how many bricks I’ve removed from water closet tanks in the last 40 years.
I wonder who started that :roll:

M Byrd: "I guess you just never know!"

Never a truer statement for this industry. Back in 1987-8 or so, after being in the industry part time for 4-5 years, I was feeling pretty cocky about the quality of my reports and the amazing number of oddities/unsafe situations, etc that I’d reported and may have even saved someone’s life due reporting things like charred aluminum wires, unsafe wood stove installations. Thought i’d seen it all by now. Not at all!!!

Went to inspect a rural insurance salesman’s house (quite a rough place; no planed and uniformly dimensioned lumber used)- found a screwed over wood-oil furnace installation. The firewood had been fully dried and burnt with a lot of creosote, eventually corroding steel walls forming part of the oil combustion chamber assembly. There was a #2 -4 wire cable now going into the old oil section of the furnace to supply an electric furnace now installed there!!! Asked him if he had done this and said an electrician did t. Asked if it was a “certifed” electrician- YES!!! Now none of the system had any applicable UL, ULC, CSA certification and the electrician would be liable for any fires, etc.

That was such a shock to me that I told my self to be more wary and let no stone go unturned. Take longer on inspections if necessary (My CMA- Cover MY ***- policy to be able to sleep at night). I tell the client their’s is well covered also). Now, if I haven’t seen something odd, weird, bizzare every week of inspection, I 'm afraid my eyes might have been closed. But it’s a rare week that nothing shows up- we humans are so inventive even when it might kill us!!!

Quote from Will Rogers: “Common sense ain’t that common, is it?”

You bet! I have found interior Romex run inside a green garden hose, open on both ends, to a garden shed 50 yards away. They had drilled a hole in the wall, run the Romex thru the wall into a bedroom and had a three prong plug on it plugged into a wall receptacle. And that was the “better” part of the report.