High Achievers

3 Questions

  1. How many people do you know who use electricity or natural gas?

  2. Do you think they would like to pay less or even get it for free?

  3. How would you like to earn a residual income and potentially thousands of dollars in bonuses by referring people to this program?

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Thanks for looking.

How much of the money that they overcharge their customers goes to the people who sign them up, anyway?

I think that most prudent consumers will agree that the best way to save energy costs is to waste less of it. Energy audits by a professional and certified auditor will go much farther…and will improve their level of comfort while increasing the sustainability of their home.

Use less, the price goes up. Simple. Companies need to make a profit, and will not cause their stocks or revenue to decrease. The only way to really save energy costs is not to use it at all.

Someone skipped class when they covered supply and demand. Decreased demand = decreased price, it’s an immutable law of economics.

Not a fan of multi-level sales schemes or board SPAMMERS. Does the fact that the latest board spammer is a member mean that the online exam is too easy to pass?

High Achievers or over chargers?

Just like your other posts.


Come on Steve. Didn’t you get his PM? This isn’t SPAM. He’s not “selling” anything. :roll:

Yeah, I got the same PM. Amazing that he has 6 posts and none of them have anything to do with inspection, just this SPAM. :roll:

I suppose that once he gets enough people signed up for this crap under his name, he will have enough money to afford a website for his home inspection business. He is a “high achieving” home inspector, right?