High efficiency hot water tank

Anybody seen this type of tank before. It appears to be High efficiency. It had an induced air fan and a plastic side vent, perhaps PVC.

I think it was manufactured in 1997, 40 Gal can anyone confirm? More importantly, what is typical lifespan of this type of hot water tank (11-14years)?


Serial# C97356261


Thats pretty much all the info I could get as the data plate was blocked by water treatment equipment for a well.

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The manufacturer is : STATE WATER HEATERS
Appears not to be a high efficiency model; about .58-.60 energy factor Searched here:

That link isnt working for me. Can you confirm age? Life expectancy is the same as conventional HWT?

1997 unit

State has a first letter month (C, March) then a 2 digit year.

40 Gallon by the PRV40.

I don’t know about the life expectancy, but I don’t know why it would be any different than any other brand or model.

Attached is a worksheet I use to determine age. State is included. Average lifespan for most water heaters is ten years. I would stick with that rule of thumb.

PS I could not find the model number on the State site. Might be discontinued.


For the future, this is where I started from: