High Efficiency Vent Drain

Hey Guys-

Is the high efficiency vent supposed to have a drain at the bottom elbow or is it okay for it to drain through to the bottom of the inducer unit? This was a Carrier. Thanks.


No problem with that. It is common to drain them at the bottom of the induction fan and several other locations as well.

Yes the only thing to look for is repairs at the connection. Sometimes you get lucky and find a patch job with a rust spot underneath the induction fan.
Let is run for awhile to make sure it is draining properly.

KEVIN, “yes” does not answer the man’s question. It’s an “or” questions as stated.

Please be more careful.

I think Kevin may have been continuing my comment. Or thinking out loud.

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Another thing is don’t call it a vent but a condensate drain!

I missed where someone called the drain a vent ??

Post title!

The word “vent” is in the title, but I’m not sure if Kevin was directing his response to the OP or Michael L.

It’s obvious KEVIN is confused.

I thought the title was clear.

The OP is asking if the High deficiency "ven"t needs a “drain”.

I used to think they spoke the same language in Canada but KEVIN is making me rethink my position.:wink:

You nailed it Chris!

Yup, still have no idea what KEVIN is saying or who he is saying it to. :roll:

What was the acronym? Oh yeah. W.A.F.I.

i see

I assumed Kevin was continuing what Cameron had posted and was answering yes to the second part of the question: that no “condensate” :wink: drain was needed at the elbow. Is that what you meant Kevin?

This would be what our northern brothers refer to to as “Mike harassing us”. Kevin is smart to not take the bait because this time, Mike did start the whole argument process in motion with his minor jabs in posts #4 & #6.

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That’s a rather fanciful interpretation of what happened.

It is not my fault KEVIN refuses to use the quote feature posts misleading information and when called on it runs and hides.

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Yes I do when he continues to bring confusion to this message board.

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