High fees for Licensing

Interesting stance. I wonder with the much needed “skilled trades” if this is an argument for abolishing the licensing for home inspectors?


As you well know Roy it is all about control. “Red Seal” is a great idea for Home Inspectors so currently… How many would qualify for this? This is part of the Problem!!!
Who also decides this criteria will need to be addressed along with that question.
I hope that we do not introduce Licensing of Home Inspectors in Ontario unless that is well researched and does not allow an easy access for those not ready to Inspect.
As Nick has pointed out we have reached 650 InterNachi Inspectors.
How many of those are ready for the same education level that Alberta InterNachi Inspectors fought for as a minimum?

Having worked in Construction for many years and saw how the trades stood together and how well it worked.
It would be great if Home Inspectors would also stand together and be prepared to show solidarity .
We could get the rewards of proper control of the Industry.

Unfortunately the government is out to break all unions.


If you are advocating a “Red Seal” for Home Inspectors the NHI process and designation fits the bill!


Well one of our many goals at Ontarioachi centers around a “RED SEAL” for Home Inspectors. Difference is that we will be required to provide a **POLICE CHECK **and it will be recognized not as a **CERTIFICATE **but an actual DESIGNATION given by Government recognition that satisfies all Home Inspectors across Ontario. If you want this you will need to work hard for it. If you want a license you will just be like everyone else. The reason it will be hard to maintain is any conduct unbecoming as a Home Inspector can have you loose it quickly. We as the Board all agree!!!
At this point not one individual on our MB who is a payed member has displayed themselves as Bullies, No complaints have been filled yet either by Clients or the Public and if there is you know what will happen.
The Profession of Home Inspection in Ontario is in need of change badly.
We are in the process to provide that change by giving a VOICE to all Home Inspectors of all Associations and have no borders of any kind.

Long before a red seal for home Inspectors .
We all could require a lot more training .
Red seal trades usually require a 4~ year apprentice and schooling besides.
The system we have now for home inspectors is not even close to becoming a red seal trade .
Been there had my Red Seal ( Electrician ) …

Now this I can agree with Roy!!! However it is amazing how quickly someone can become trained when very little money is involved and is accessible via internet. That is our plan also for Ontarioachi. No cost of training Home Inspectors ever. Small cost to make sure they can pass the muster and maintain that education background along with the many benefits provided.
After it is all said and done a “Professional Home Inspector” that can go any where across Ontario or maybe even Canada and be accepted as same.
“Read Seal” just means they worked hard to get it and not just forked out cash to some Organization to provide it for them.
No and I quote “Daddy is rich, he can pay for it” mentality.