high fees to exit water heater rental contracts

Home buyers surprised at high fees to exit water heater rental contracts

Competition Bureau Warns Consumers To Check The Fine Print

April 18, 2016 — OTTAWA, ON — Competition Bureau
Canadians considering signing on the dotted line to purchase a home this spring should be aware that water heater rental contracts may be bundled into the purchase contract — and exit fees can be expensive.
Many Canadians are not aware that home purchase contracts can include a clause whereby the home buyer assumes a contract for a rental water heater. Only after the home purchase has been completed do these consumers realize that the fee to exit the water heater rental contract can be $1,000 or more.
This is an expensive and unwelcome surprise for many new home owners. If you are about to buy a home that includes rental appliances such as a water heater, furnace, or air conditioner, check the terms of the contract before you sign.
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That sounds horrible. The idea of renting a water heater is one of the more absurd things that I have ever heard. Compound that with transferring that contractual obligation with the sale of a home and it just got even more ridiculous.

Just wait till you see the fees from Reliance on the rental furnace installations, House just a while ago had one, the clients told it would cost 14.000 to buy it out or 9 more years of paying rent. Flipper home with rental water heater and furnace.

Sometimes it’s the only way people can afford to have a new appliance. Many get strapped for cash because the bought a home without a Home Inspection.

They end up with tons of repairs they weren’t expecting.

The difference between paying $5-7,500 for an appliance, or renting for $35-$50 a month seems an obvious choice at the time. As we frequently find out, many people don’t read the fine print.

What about the high fees for hydro in Ontario?


This like the new Home inspectors license is run buy the Ontario Government .
We the tax payers do not have much control on what they do.
If they think they need money they just get if from us.

So they can give it back to those who have solar panels. :twisted: :smiley: :mrgreen:

Sounds to me like you are extremely jealous of those who did as the government asked us to do.
You continue to bring up this and show your ignorance .
What a sad way to go through life .

Can you explain how my statement identifies me as being ignorant?
Or how you feel I am in some way jealous? Just stating a fact, in a humerous way. (see the smilies at the end of my comment?)
Or for that matter why actually recognising the facts is sad?

It appears that once again, you have chosen to go on the offensive, making a personal attack against a fellow member of this association.

No doubt you will try to turn this around and suggest that it was you that was attacked first. To that I would plagerise from you and respond, in advance…BUNK!

It’s time you lightened up Roy, stopped looking at everything as “Roy centric” and realise that this is not about ignorance, secrecy, control or anything else that might play to a paranoid delusional. It’s about personal opinions, facts and debate.

That’s what (generally) makes the difference between a professional and a numpty.

Every penny Roy gets from selling power back to the utility at far above market price comes out of someone else’s pocket.

Very sad but very true.

Telling Roy to lighten up can you give me a good reason why you brought up the subject of my solar panels .
This is not the first time you seem to love ridiculing my getting assistance from the Government with having solar panels .
Looks like you where just not smart enough to take advantage of the Ontario offer on solar panels .
Yes I still think you are a jealous person.

Still didn’t answer my questions, and as for “This is not the first time you seem to love ridiculing my getting assistance from the Government with having solar panels” prove it.

Everything I’ve posted on the subject have been cold hard facts. If you want to take advantage of a government program, you go for it. I’m just letting people know that the truth about the efficiency of Solar generated electricity ought to be known. You on the other hand are promoting it’s efficiency like some demented zealot, when as an electrician you should know that there are far better, cheaper and just as environmentally friendly ways to augment the power requirements.

The kickbacks are just part of what we have to live with. They are not restricted to Solar technology, but are available all over the place for useless initiatives.

And if you think I’m jealous of you, you have a higher opinion of yourself than most of the people I’ve spoken to that know you, so dream on buddy! dream on!

Sounds more to me like he resents being forced to foot the tab for your expenditure. I would be too. Why would someone feel justified conspiring with the government to steal money from others and boast about it with some self-satisfied air of superiority?