High Quality Inspectors Needed

Presently I have contacted a few people and they want to get involved ina pilot program from the brain of Russ.

Here is what I thought and it may be a slight bit long winded, but here goes.

I want to start a program where people who want to do at least a $1,000,000 a year in business in the state of Florida. We would get together and share ideas, help each other and form a sort of alliance to watch each other grow and help each other.

In my search I asked people and found out many do not want to be a multi inspector firm. That is fine but if you want to be a single man operation then this is not for you.

In order to grow there can be no doubt in your mind that this is for you and your in, 100%. I realize I have a ton of faults and a ton of attributes and if I teamed up with 15 to 20 other people we can help each other signficantly and become a small group that can move mountains in Florida.

I do not have all the answers and hell many times its about having the right questions. My vision is to eventually serve the entire state of Florida, have a 1-800 number that people can call for ANY portion of Florida and we can assist them. So if a guy in West Palm is buying Naples, you just give him the 1-800 number and the person we have in an office will get them the information we need.

I have two of the core people besides myself that are in and do alot of work in their areas and most importantly want to GROW and perform such superior inspections that it will be a no-brainer who to call…

What I have to offer is that I presently am a multi inspector firm, I run a rather different process than anyone else and I have ironed out a ton of the kinks that I have come across. I have a mentality that failure is never an option and have grand marketing ideas.

Here is what I am looking for…People who are already established in their areas. Have HOME INSPECTION experience, can communicate in a professional manner and willing to put their profits into their OWN company to improve its function and appearance.

There will be only ONE person per area. I do not want to create a hesitation amongst people and want information to flow freely. The three people will look at the candidates and decide if we will make a good fit and meld as a group. This is NOT to single people out, but this is a business and its purpose is to provide a service for a fee while gaining a profit.

The one single phrase that the group will be built on is “How to service the client better”…that will be the entire focus of the group. I make this promise to you, if we collectively find ways to improve the inspection, its process and the customer service, then money will come in…I promise you that…if interested PM me…

All for the HUGE fee of free…I just want to share knowledge amongst professionals. Kinda like the Millionaire Inspection Club that Mike Crow does. But we can do it for free. No fees to hidden agenda all the money goes into your pocket. I just really want to build something that shines a great beacon of light on our profession…

Definitely an interesting idea…I’m not sure that I’m that ambitious though!

No offense Russ… but skytech…thomas…inspection depot and a few others already have the high standards category locked up…all that’s left are the idiots and the meekers and the wanna be’s. and these

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Hey Ed…

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Actually I don’t want anything like this. There programs are NOTHING like I want. I am talking Home Inspections, I think these guys are predominatly Insurance Inspections and I don’t want to make money off of other inspectors, I am looking to share knowledge and kinship more than anything else.

I got 7 private messages and will be looking at them. If it works it works, if not, so be it…But nothing ventured, nothing gained…

Póg mo thóin!

Your a good man Russell. If I lived in Florida, I would jump all over it. Might be moving there in 5 years when the wifey retires, so don’t monopolize all the work, might need some.

I wish you well…good luck!!!


Russ that is a great idea. You are definitely someone that loves a challenge. Some are happy with what they have and some just don’t trust enough to share the ideas that work for them. Not only can we get a bigger piece of pie but I want to make that pie bigger by educating the public on the importance of our services. It is possible and even those that hold their cards close will benefit. The Sarasoa meeting is nextmonth with one day filled. Maybe we can make some plans and meet there.

Hey Tom, Do not mess with Meeker-X. He is a good guy:roll:; sometimes he is off and sometimes he is on. But, overall, he is a nice guy\:D/. Remember, he is one of us. So, be nice. Meeker likes to Meeker everybody, but that is him.:-({|=

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Hey Russ I’m Interested. Let me know more details if possible.

Great idea, Russ! Let us know how it goes, because I was thinking about doing basically the same thing for Missouri. Just had not had time to do it yet.


Truce it is then :smiley:

I do appoligize as I do not remebmber meeting you.
We just see thing a little different on a few things but at least you are pasionate about how you feel. i do respect that a lot more that someone that does not stand up for what they believe. Don’t worry I have thick skin my feelings do not get hurt. You are on for the beer if we meet again.

I met a ton of people and was surprised no one took a swing at me :smiley: